Our productions

Equipped with devices on the cutting edge of technology, Célébration Montréal specializes in the production of events such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, party's office, party's courses, corporate events, bénifices parties, outdoor events, air and more. With our equipment, we offer the ability to customize and facilitate your event according to your preferences.

Our brand

We are Dj / Host and we are committed to create emotions, in a remarkable moment, a pleasant and fun atmosphere for you and your guests.

Our archives

Discover our many achievements through our pictures and videos that we put at your disposal. Do not hesitate to consult!

Our equipments

Our sound systems and lighting are professional range. Depending on the type and magnitude of the event, we employ speakers of high-volume output and an LED lighting system can illuminate the dance floor or give the desired effect in the room.

Our games

For your entertainment, we offer a variety of games to entertain your guests at a specific event. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more our programming. Put some punch to your event!


DJ Booth
Studio Lighting
Outdor party
Érablière Charbonneau
Érablière Charbonneau
Dance floor lighting
Dj controller
Ceremony Holliday Inn Longueuil
Wedding reception Holliday Inn Longueuil
Dance floor Holliday inn Longueuil
Wedding reception Verger Pomiculteur du Bûcheron
Régie du DJ


Our latest stories.

It was a success The DJ was really on the mark. He kept us dancing from start to finish. Everything was perfect What about *Isabelle Laperrière (master of ceremony) the hosting was great Seriously I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take over the services of DJ Celebration Montreal Thank you for everything 👌😘

WOW! Super plan evening could not ask for better. Thank you!   For the song *** This is good :-)   Everything else is great OK... WOW!


hello to all! For all those who wanted to know ... ANIMATION MUSIC: Robert Duplantis thousand times thank you my friend! LOCATION: perfect day with the Hotel Relais Gouverneur Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu :) SUCCESS: all of you dear friends and family with your presence ♥ a big THANK YOU! xox

Thank's! To our wonderful


About us

Here's to what we are.

Since its inception in 2016, Célébration Montréal became a trusted brand which is based on the experience of a Dj / Host which debuted in 1988. Achievements Small to large events, Célébration Montréal became a force in the field by the satisfied customer references.

Meet our team.

Robert Duplantis
Robert Duplantis

Our prices.

[DG*=signification digital console Sp*=Speaker *=Price may vary]*=Taxes may apply

The package at 895$*

1x Dj with DG*
1x Sound System 2Sp*
---  Duration 7hrs

The package at 999$*

1x Dj with DG*
1x Sound System 2Hp*
1x Lighting System 4Fx*
---  Duration 7hrs

The package at 1099$*

1x Dj with DG*
1x Sound System 2Hp*
1x Lighting System 8Fx*
1x Host
---  Duration 7hrs

Other package deals.

For occasions requiring large organization, for example: a wedding, an office party, a golf party, a 20th anniversary, show, outdoor event, you must contact us to take knowledge of our prices.